What Colors of Oakley Sunglasses Are Good ?

hat colors of Oakley sunglasses are suitable ? Many friends often attach importance to product price, quality and style, etc., in the choice of sunglasses, in fact, the choice of sunglasses lens color is also very important. So, what colors of Oakley sunglasses are good? This may be the biggest problem. Today, editor of world’s textile and garment factory network uncovers this problem for you.

First of all, to say the overall,best sunglasses lens color is brownish, Gray and Green, of which visual effects and protection are better. Of course, if only as a dress,you can also select bright colors to highlight your own charm. And what the advantages and disadvantages between different colors of Oakley sunglasses?

Brown Department: Department of sunglasses in brown have been recognized as the best lens colors, it can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared; and pastel colors make visual comfort, which makes eyes not fatigue.

Gray can fully absorb infrared, as well as most of the ultraviolet light, and will not change the color of the original scene. Gentle natural color is quite popular.
Green is similar to gray,which can absorb 99% of all the infrared and ultraviolet light, of which blue, red can also be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene will be changed through the green lens. However, because the green can bring people cool and comfortable, also be good for eye protection, thus becoming the first choice of many friends.

Yellow: Yellow lenses can absorb 100% of UV rays and most blue, the scene will be seen more clearly after absorbing blue light, so it is common for wearing yellow lens as the filter when hunting or hooting.

Red: Red sunglasses lenses are better on some of the shorter wavelength light barrier while other protective effect is lower than another three colors department.

In addition, it’s important not to choose pure Blue lens Sunglasses, pure blue lens will pick harmful blue light into eyes, not conducive to eye health.We should be able to tell what colors of Oakley sunglasses suitable for such a comparison, selecting the correct ones according to our needs and preferences! !

The News of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

While Oculus Rift is big news in the past two days, but which does not mean that wearable device of other large technology companies will pause for a while. After all, in terms of real-world functionality, Google glasses put aside the rift several light years. When it comes to video games, rift does have the advantage, if the consumer version of Google launched glasses when we are seeing what is just like this now. Anyway, there are two things that are worth Google’s pride and joy. Today, Google is the protagonist of glasses.

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First, there are many speculations whether the Oakley glasses manufacturers begin to integrate Google glasses with their glasses future versions. After all, it’s a bit less in the way of adding Google eye glasses or Oakley sun glasses with a degree in. However, there is great news. Two new eyewear manufacturers have a partnership with Google. Which two ? Oakley sunglasses and Ray-Ban. They are one of the greatest eyeglasses and sunglasses manufacturers. When this message is finally released, you definitely don’t look like a totally ignorant people (only partially ).

Furthermore, some of the hard-working developers are designing an application. This application makes people who are wearing Oakley sunglasses read a newspaper more interesting. The application is currently called AIR. It allows people to read newspapers (with other periodicals, we guess)more like reading pages. This means that the pictures and video, and other things will be on the network seamlessly. When you think of these pictures, videos will be like a hologram that appears in front of you. This concept looks cool. If there’s any more information, we will report to you in the first.